Reconnecting to our heritage

Nature connection is key to our ability to live in harmony with this planet.  I am totally convinced (as are many others) that we in Western post-industrial, as well as urban societies, internationally, need to reconnect to nature.  In particular we need to work with children to ensure they start their lives connected to nature and help adults to remain connected throughout their lives.

For this reason I am a fully qualified Forest Schools Practitioner (Level 3) and run a forest school locally.  We also run Forest School sessions at Horton Community Farm.

I highly recommend the following resources:

Work by Jon Young on Nature Connection and his work with the 8 Shields Institute

Looby MacNamara, author of People and Permaculture, 7 Ways of Thinking Differently and Strands of Infinity has been working together with Jon Young on Cultural Emergence in the UK and further afield